Three Line Break Charts

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For example, a moving average can be used to define the trend. A bearish reversal occurs when three white lines form and a single black line breaks the low of these three lines. The Three Line Break is the most popular in Japan.

What are 3 Line Break Charts?

Buy when a white line emerges after three adjacent black lines a "white turnaround line". The horizontal red lines mark the reversal point, which the white line exceeded to forge the reversal. There is more information on the candlestick chart, but this can sometimes be distracting. Keep in mind that only the most recent line must be white up. For example, short-term traders might use two-line breaks to get more reversals while a longer-term investor might use four-line or even line breaks to reduce the number of reversals.

The general rules for calculating a Line Break chart are: If a sell-off is powerful enough to form three consecutive black lines, then prices must rise above the highest point of the last three black lines before a new white line is drawn.

A close above this high would call for a white line to denote a price reversal. It was intended to find out whether 3 line break charts can be a useful part of a trading strategy.

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The high or low of the prior two lines sets the reversal point. An advantage of Three Line Break charts is that there is no arbitrary fixed reversal amount.

Why You Should Use Three Line Break Charts In Trading? - Charts - 14 December - Traders' Blogs Then a 3 line break can be used to enter in the direction of the trend.

The Three Line Break charting method is so-named because of the number of lines typically used. A Three Line Break chart condenses this price action into 44 black and white lines. This range can vary quite a bit. The horizontal green lines mark the lows or reversal points, which the subsequent black line exceeded to forge the reversal.

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A clue to understanding these charts is in the name; they are a type of breakout chart. Chart analysis works the same way as on a bar or candlestick chart. June 7th is not shown because prices did not move enough to justify a new black line or a white reversal line. They are distinctive because they only show significant price moves.

Three Line Break

The following chart shows the Three line break trading strategy Jones on the daily timeframe using 3 line break charts. A market is trending when there have been 3 consecutive lines in the same direction.

A new black line will not three line break trading strategy drawn unless prices move below this low. If the price falls below the previous line's low price, a new black line is drawn. Notice how the date moved from June 6th to June 8th without a line in between 1. However, many traders are willing to accept the late signals in exchange for calling major trends.

This means that the chart is less cluttered. Construction Before looking at construction details, a couple of clarifications are in order. As with all charting techniques, chartists should employ other technical analysis tools to confirm or refute their findings on Three Line Break charts. A new line is always significant because we have a new high or low.

Prices traded within the range of this white line until June 28th 3. A new line of the same color is drawn when the price extends in the same direction. If the most recent line is black downthen the high of the last two lines marks the reversal point.

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The first chart below shows 85 candlesticks or trading days from March 21st until July 20th. This technique filters the noise to focus only on price movements that are deemed significant.

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Also, notice that a falling flag or channel formed in February. Armed with this information, chartists can identify uptrends with higher highs and higher lows or downtrends with lower lows and lower highs. Counter trend traders can combine 3 line break charts with momentum indicators to identify good reversal opportunities.

The stock broke the lower trend line and support with a sharp decline in early May. The ability to filter noise 24option option robot these charts especially useful with regard to determining the underlying trend.

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Click here for a live example. Support and Resistance Three Line Break Charts produce clear reaction highs and lows upon which to base resistance and support. Sign Up. Sell when a black line appears after three adjacent white lines a "black turnaround line".

If the price does not rise above nor fall below the previous line, nothing is drawn.

Why use 3 Line Break Charts?

Trading with 3 Line Break Charts The simplest way to trade using 3 line break charts, is to wait until the market has made at least 3 lines in the same direction. Strategy Rules Enter trade on a new reversal line. For example, the stochastic oscillator can be used to identify overbought and oversold areas.

This is based on the idea that the closing price is the most important price of the day. So I set up a backtest using a Tradinformed Excel spreadsheet. Further Study Forex pakistan exchange rate the name implies, this book goes beyond candlesticks to show chartists other technical analysis techniques that originated in Japan.

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Conclusion Like their other Japanese cousins Kagi and RenkoThree Line Break charts filter out the noise by focusing exclusively on price changes. Prices moved to a new low on June 8th to justify a new black line. It is easy to spot important highs and lows. It is the price action which gives the indication of a reversal. Why use 3 Line Break Charts?

Calculation Line Break charts are always based on closing prices.


No new lines are added when price does not extend the trend or the change is not enough to warrant a reversal. The 3 line break charts can be used to identify the dominant trend and then the candlesticks are used to time trade entries. It is the low of these two lines that dictates the reversal point.

Interpretation The following are the basic trading rules for a three-line break chart: A bullish trend reversal occurs when three black lines form and a single white line breaks the high of these three lines.

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Then a 3 line break can be used to enter in the direction of the trend. Prices continued higher the next six trading days as new white lines were added each day. Nison devotes an entire chapter to Three Line Break charts; additionally, he covers Renko charts, Kagi charts and explains how Japanese traders use moving averages.

Prices continue in the same direction until a reversal is warranted. The example below shows Constellation Energy CEG with a clear resistance zone marked by three reaction highs. Third, Three Line Break charts evolve based on price, not time. Patterns Classic patterns are also viable on Three Line Break charts. A reversal occurs when the closing price exceeds the high or low of the prior two lines.

Test the strategy using an optional period Three line break trading strategy as a filter.


You can adjust the sensitivity of the reversal criteria by changing the number of lines in the work at home for pharmaceutical companies. A Three Line Break, on the other hand, denotes a stronger move that can signal a trend reversal.

A new line in the opposite color is drawn when the price change is enough to warrant a reversal. Another common way to use 3 line break charts is to combine them with Japanese candlestick patterns. The results are shown in pips.

Line Break Charts Explained Plus A Simple Trading Strategy

On June 28th, five trading days later, prices exceeded this high to justify a new white line. What are 3 Line Break Charts? Second, line changes are based on closing prices, not the high-low range.